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Kensington K33970 (ver. 7.­5.­54056.­0) ZIP kiadás 2014.03.18.

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Kategória USB
Gyártó Kensington
Eszköz K33970
Operációs rendszer Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit, Mac OS 10.x, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 64-bit
Verzió 7.­5.­54056.­0
Fájl méret 16.67 Mb
Fájl típus ZIP
Kiadás 2014.03.18
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Software Driver for Kensington K33970 Kensington sd3000v/­sd3500v USB 3.­0 docking stations (K33970/­K33971/­K33972/­K33973) and K33928/­K33974 USB Multi-Display Adapter Software Driver Version 7.­5.­54056.­0 A.­ Introduction ==========­===== This Software Release delivers the following features: - Windows 8 &­ 8.­1 support - Improved Ethernet performance and stability - Wake on LAN support for sd300v and sd3500v products - Configurable MAC address for sd300v and sd3500v products - VLAN support for sd300v and sd3500v product - Hardware VGA cable/­monitor detection for the DL-3xx0 family - Support for Intel Bay Trail platforms - System compatibility check on install and device connection - Critical bug fixes and compatibility improvements for all products Note: If Microsoft Antimalware is running,­ the installation can take up to 10 minutes before installation starts,­ due to Antimalware scanning.­ This appears to have been caused by a January 2014 update to Microsoft Antimalware.­ To work around this,­ either pause Microsoft Antimalware or run the setup.­exe with the flag "-ignoreCompatibility" to skip the system compatibility check.­ For further support and information about this software,­ please visit http:/­/­www.­displaylink.­com/­support Corporations can apply for a corporate install version at www.­displaylink.­com/­corporateinstall A1.­ Important notes about K33970/­K33971/­K33972/­K33973/­K33974 Firmware ==========­==========­==========­==========­==========­==== This software release contains an embedded firmware image.­ K33970/­K33971/­K33972/­K33973/­K33974 devices will be automatically upgraded with this firmware upon connection.­ B.­ Supported Kensington Products ==========­==========­==========­== This software driver was designed for the following products: 1) sd3000v/­sd3500v USB 3.­0 docking stations (K33970/­K33971/­K33972/­K33973) 2) K33928 Universal Display Adapter 3) K33974 USB 3.­0 Multi-Display Adapter C.­ Supported Operating Systems ==========­==========­==========­ This release can be installed on the following operating systems: - Windows 8.­1 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) - Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) - Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) - Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) - Windows Vista SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit editions) - Windows XP SP1 (32-bit edition only) - Windows XP SP2 (32-bit edition only) - Windows XP SP3 (32-bit edition only) Video: video is supported in extend mode with most popular video players on Windows XP and Windows 7/­Vista in WDDM/­Aero Mode.­ Video support is limited in other configurations including mirror mode and Windows 7/­Vista Basic Mode.­ D.­ How to Install and use ==========­==========­===== Please find detailed guidance and information about how to install and use this software in the DisplayLink Software User Guide: http:/­/­kb.­displaylink.­com/­298 Corporations can apply for a corporate install version at www.­displaylink.­com/­corporateinstall For further support and information about DisplayLink software,­ please visit http:/­/­www.­displaylink.­com/­support D.­ Known Issues and Limitations ==========­==========­==========­= System behaviour with USB Docking station or USB Display Adapter attached screens has been well tested.­ Testing covers plug/­unplug,­ mode changes,­ playing video,­ hibernate,­sleep/­standby,­ multiple users,­ different user rights,­ attached screen as primary screen,­ attached screen as only screen,­ and other aspects.­ Some use cases my exhibit minor issues,­ general troubleshooting recommendations are: - detach then reattach the USB docking station or USB Display Adapter's USB cable - change display settings using USB display adapter GUI (Vista only) - change display settings using WDP.­ - ensure you have the latest graphics drivers installed for your system GPU.­ E.­Requirements: ==========­===== - At least one USB 2.­0 port - 30 megabytes (MB) of free disk space - External computer screen PC Recommended Specifications: ------------------------------ - The software driver can be run on PCs ranging from Netbooks,­ Notebooks/­Laptops,­ and Desktops - on processors ranging from Atom N270 based PCs,­ basic single Core CPUs,­ and of course the latest Dual and Quad Core CPUs.­ - The USB video screens are not supported on systems with two graphics cards used simultaneously (supporting separate screens,­ or in ATI Crossfire configuration).­ Two graphics cards in Nvidia SLI configuration are supported but not on Windows 7.­ - The performance of the software is dependent upon the processing power available,­ and so more capable systems offer higher performance.­ Recommended typical system requirements are: -------------------------------------------- - Windows® 8.­1/­8/­7/­Vista: ------------------- For Windows® Vista,­ the Windows Experience Index (WEI) is a useful measure of hardware level.­ The WEI is accessible from Computer->Properties or from Control Panel->System.­ For more information please visit http:/­/­windowshelp.­microsoft.­com/­windows/­en-us/­help/­0fee4637-8b21-41f1-87f6-66d2205420d61033.­mspx The recommended typical hardware requirements for the PC are - WEI score of at least 3.­0 in the 'Graphics; Desktop performance for Windows Aero' category.­ - Recommended: WEI score of at least 3.­0 overall,­ as recommended by Microsoft.­ - For full-screen video playback the recommended hardware depends on the display resolution: -- 1366x768: overall WEI score of at least 3.­5 -- 1920x1080 (HD): overall WEI score of at least 4.­0 and a modern GPU (GPU introduced to the market after 2H'08 or top-of-the-line GPU introduced in 2008).­ - At least one USB 2.­0 port.­ - 30 megabytes (MB) of free disk space.­ - Computer screen for use with the USB Display device,­ if it is not integrated.­ - Network access for software downloads,­ or access to a CD-ROM drive.­ - If the PC specification is below this,­ performance will be lower (or CPU loading higher).­ - Windows® XP: -------------- - For 1-2 monitors,­ business usage,­ productivity target.­ This may not provide full frame rate DVD playback at full screen.­ - 1.­2GHz Single Core CPU (Celeron or Atom N270 for example) - 512MB memory - For 3 monitors where 1 could run DVD video while also targeting productivity and business apps.­ Will support only 1 video of DVD resolution at full screen: - 1.­6GHz CPU - 1GB memory - For 6 screens where 1 screen can run full screen DVD video: - 1.­8GHz Core Duo - 1GB memory F.­ Installation and Operation Instructions ==========­==========­==========­==========­== To install the SW driver,­ unzip the downloaded "K33970-1-2-3_­DRV_­7.­5.­54056.­0.­zip" into a local folder and then double click "setup.­exe" and follow the on screen instructions.­

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